busy, really busy, really really busy

No kidding, I am more, much much more busier these days than those that I had been when I was working for someone. No that my business is booming (which I really hope) but I am still actively caring for the strays on the street and still trying to make a living as an animal physiotherapist!  But the fact is that if I were being paid to do all the stray work, I would be richer.  Having said that, I am not complaining now.  But the fact is to stay alive (for my family-both human and animals), I still need to make a bigger dough so no one needs to compromise too much so you have it why maovellous is so busy these days and did I miss out so lazy too.  BECAUSE by the end of the day, I am so beated till the point that I am too lazy to turn on the laptop.  Unlike before, I dress up, go into the office, make my coffee and first thing first is to check my emails.  I’ll be so depress if I dont check for a day but now?  I really hardly have the strength to even feel depress.  I just want to rest and chill out. So if you dont see many post, very sorry.  I assure you this mad duck is paddling hard under water trying to make the streets a better place for our com cats.

For my old fans, a quick up date that Fraddie had called home to be with the Lord on 21 June 2011.  He was in my arm after a long battle with kidney failure.  He was strong and courages till the end.  He is my hero, my old man that I dearly miss.

Till I am not too lazy and check in.  Keep us all, street cats, dogs, rodents in your prayers and good thoughts.  God bless.


doggie adoption: robin


Male, 6-7 years old

Breed : Jack Russell Terrier

Mild tempered, non-aggressive

Good with humans and dogs

For more details, please visit


This dog has been given up three times in a short span of time. He is presently being fostered but by 11 Dec 2010 if no one adopts him, he will be sent to SPCA to end his journey.

If interested, please contact

Si Ting: 97511585


life after corporate world

Well, like it or not I have to say I miss my ex-office, at least I am discipline with my time.  Now that I have all the time in the world, I am more busy than before! My day just pass with a blink of any eye lid! A month had passed, I have done many things but if you ask me what are they… I CANT TELL! [Oh no! That is bad.]

First thing first, I need $$$ to set up my business.  Well, I should have had that sorted out long ago but I have not.  Not sure why but I am still taking my own sweet time!!!  BUT I already have the company registered and now working with my graphic guy on the company logo.  Coming to think of it, if I couldnt get the fund, I would have busy for nothing and totally wasted all my time.

See, I dont lead a “normal” life.  With so many cats and dogs, most of the time I am busy cleaning after them.  Than, SOS calls come and super hero me is out to the rescue.  Or I’m busy with my pro-bono cases.  Now, now, dont judge me first.  I had fire a few SOS off, I really need to pull my socks before I sort out others’ problem.  I, really am no superhero and dont have unlimited cash and endless lands to help everyone or take in unlimited stray cats and dogs!  I really have to STOP minding the things “outside” and focus on setting up my business first before this superhero go to the rescue again or else I will have a disaster at my own home!

tshirt-jean-sneakers here i come

It had become obvious for a while that I love my “job” (working with animals) outside of office hours much more than my office hours job.  I was lucky to be posted to the UK, not many have that kind of opportunity like I do and I ALWAYS thank God for it.  I’ve also posted before “why me?” of all the master holders in my office, why a mere post grade like me?  Of course God thinks much more worth of me than what I think He thought of me.  I join Johnson & Johnson as a secretary and had worked my ass up to where I am today, a corporate planner.  Nothing very “big” that worth mentioning or be proud of but still something that worth stroking my pride once in a while.

I was struggling a lot with staying in my job or leaving as I still have two families behind me pending for my support; the 2 legged and the 4 legged family.  I cant simply throw in the towel and walked off leaving them in the limbo.  But I am also miserable enough to be depress with spending so much time in doing what I dont like.  I feel like I am wasting my time!  After many soul searching, deep considerations, talking to people and praying (of course!!) I decided to give it a go.  DO WHAT I LIKE TO DO WITH PAY!! 

I was trembling after talking to my boss of my decision.  She was shock too and sent me off to think carefully for a week.  After a week, with lots of courage, I told her, I am not changing my mind.  The feeling after that was like scare at the same time excited and worry!  But it will be no end if I were to back out again, I know myself better.  I ask myself why not try working with another company, maybe after 6 years here I no longer finds the sparks.  But I am very sure, I will be back to the starting point of misery if I were to work for another company!

So by ending 2008, I’ve signed up for a canine massage course with Institute of Complementary Animal Therapies (ICAT) just to explore if I like it.  The long ride all the way from Maidenhead to Devon was worth it.  By ending 2009, I’ve completed the diploma course and pending for graduation this year.  In ending 2009, I too taken up a course in animal hydrotherapy with Greyfriars Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referral Centre in Surrey.  The more I learn about hydrotherapy, the more I am convinced that this is it.  I’m in.  By mid this year, I am already a qualified Animal Hydrotherapist!

The road ahead is really uncertain but I am sure it will be a fruitful one (with God’s blessings and your support).  I like freedom, but freedom comes with a price.  I hope I can afford it and live to tell to pursue your dreams even in your mid life.  Tomorrow will be my last day in the office’ with the company who had seen my two teenagers through secondary school and paid for the many stray cats’ sterilisation and medical fees.  I have many leaders to thank for… what is ahead is only God, friends and me.  It’s scary but on the same note, it’s exciting.

we cant live on passion alone

A lot of us who are passionate about working with stray cats and dogs are so driven by our passion that we want to do nothing but eat and breathe animal rescue.  However I think that is really not very realistic.  Honestly, I am one of them… but thank God I have a family that keeps me grounded that I need income to not only sustain my passion but also to keep my family alive and the many payments here and there almost everyday.

You can work your ass out at shelters, at your home cattery or even on the street. How long one can go on bread alone?  This is no biblical quotation, I am talking about the facts of life.  I know there are many selfless volunteers out there, I am not here to judge them or to run them down. If you really have no money, you cant even take a bus to feed the cats or dogs! This is very real! I am also sure there are many passionate volunteers out there have very little interest in their full time job.  They just want to be with the cats and dogs all day long as there are indeed many things to be done. 

To me, I find it strange when I realised that I am more happening outside of office hours and not in the office anymore.  This is scary!! That mean my performance will suffer which will affect my bonus that I have to wait for 12 bloody months to get my hands on them! Without money, I cant even pay for basic vaccinations!  So what with my 101% passion??!!

Someone told me about someone who had given up her stable and well paying job to start a cattery.  This person’s calculation is that she must make sure her cattery have that X numbers of cats to make up the salary that she had left behind.  I think this is VERY WRONG.  This no longer spear headed by our love for stray animals but “cross the line” of making use of strays to keep one’s mean.  When a person is driven by dollars and cents in animal rescue, I rather this person, clean up, buy some nice clothes and go back to the corporate world.  The money that generated out from the corp. world will be much easier earned and cleaner. The animals will also thank you for that.

Another thing that calls for concern is also the many out spoken youngsters in animal rescue work.  I am happy that there are more and more youngsters coming forward to help in shelters and speak up for stray animals.  But the resign-without-a-job, swearing and fingers pointings and f-language are not going to make their family support them or improve the image of stray rescue!  Matter of fact I look at it, it’s like evangelistic during the 80’s.  Children accepted Christianity, family against it, quarrel with family, move out, homeless, no money and no place to live! All bad press and nothing helpful to the cause that were meant to be meaningful.  So I really hope there is some kind of “elders” in the rescue circle keep an eye on these youngsters.  Set them to start on the right note so we can continual to receive support not only from the society but exp. our family.

update on rena

Rena had been rehome with L since 04.09.2010 but till yesterday, she is still not very friendly.  Hence she is still confine in the cage. L do have dogs roaming about in the house hence the introduction has to be slow and steady. No body should get hurt.

Rena’s interferon (omega) has not arrive yet so her last review with the vet on 17th had been postponed till the stocks arrives.  Other than being unfriendly she is doing well.

unfortunately, not so lucky for Lora, Rena’s neighbour below her cage.  Lora has passed away due to old age, fiv and diabetics.  Though I dont really know Lora but I read about her and met her only for a brief moment, still I feel sad that Lora had passed away… “Lora, fly with the wind now that you are free from all pain and sufferings”.  [More of Lora’s story could be read in Veganmeow’s blog.]

toa payoh kittens

The Toa Payhoh kittens were kittens that were throw out in a plastic bag and someone pass it to a ex-hoarder of whom the volunteers post them on fb.  And during that time, Maggie just given birth to her own litter and I had offer to allow Maggie be the serogate mom.  I’ve told the volunteer to take them back to rehome as soon as they are on solid. 

Well, things just happen that now that they are on solid and no one can take care of them.  If I really want them out, they will be house at the exhoarder’s home.  With my effort to bring them up so cute and chubby now, I am most unwilling to sent them there though the flat had totally transformed under the volunteers’ care.  So, they are still with me.

Out of the 5 kittens, 2 had been adopted.  Cody is pending to go to his new home after his second vaccination.   While Boo is already at his new home for two weeks and dad had reported he is doing very well.  

We bum into Boo while he is at the clinic for his first vaccination and check out the photo he took with sister Patch. [sweet] 

Cody had been reserved by an American family that live across the street of where we live.  Cody will be rehome at the end of the month or early next.

I still have Pom-pom, Button and Ben-Ben awaiting for their forever home.

Pom-pom (left) & Button (right)