busy, really busy, really really busy

No kidding, I am more, much much more busier these days than those that I had been when I was working for someone. No that my business is booming (which I really hope) but I am still actively caring for the strays on the street and still trying to make a living as an animal physiotherapist!  But the fact is that if I were being paid to do all the stray work, I would be richer.  Having said that, I am not complaining now.  But the fact is to stay alive (for my family-both human and animals), I still need to make a bigger dough so no one needs to compromise too much so you have it why maovellous is so busy these days and did I miss out so lazy too.  BECAUSE by the end of the day, I am so beated till the point that I am too lazy to turn on the laptop.  Unlike before, I dress up, go into the office, make my coffee and first thing first is to check my emails.  I’ll be so depress if I dont check for a day but now?  I really hardly have the strength to even feel depress.  I just want to rest and chill out. So if you dont see many post, very sorry.  I assure you this mad duck is paddling hard under water trying to make the streets a better place for our com cats.

For my old fans, a quick up date that Fraddie had called home to be with the Lord on 21 June 2011.  He was in my arm after a long battle with kidney failure.  He was strong and courages till the end.  He is my hero, my old man that I dearly miss.

Till I am not too lazy and check in.  Keep us all, street cats, dogs, rodents in your prayers and good thoughts.  God bless.


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